Reliance Digital Reel Maker Workshop

Academy of Computer Education Collaborated With Reliance Digital for the Workshop 

In today’s digital era, visual storytelling has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s sharing moments on social media or creating captivating videos, the power of visual content cannot be underestimated. Cognizing the growing importance of video production skills, Academy of Computer Education (AOCE) collaborated with Reliance Digital to organise a transformative workshop called the Reel Maker Workshop. This innovative event aimed to empower participants with the knowledge and tools to utilise their creativity through video production. In this article, we’ll track down the highlights of this extraordinary collaboration and the impact it had on the students. 

The Workshop was held on Sunday, 18th June, 2023 at one of the Reliance Digital stores placed near Shadipur Metro Station. The Reliance Digital workshop proved to be a remarkable gathering for eager students, who convened at the store with enthusiasm and curiosity. Leading the session was the Workshop Coordinator, Faizan, whose expertise and passion shone through as he meticulously explained every aspect of reel making. With remarkable clarity and a well-structured approach. Faizan guided the students through each step, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the process. He skillfully elaborated on the necessities of reel making, leaving no stone unturned. Faizan not only shared the technical concepts behind effective reel creation but also enriched the session with his own personal examples, making the learning experience relatable and engaging. Here are a few things which you must keep in mind while making the reels and uploading them on your social media accounts. 

  1. Lighting: When it comes to photography, achieving perfect lighting is essential to capture stunning and visually appealing images. In photography, lighting plays a crucial role in determining the quality and overall impact of an image. Light affects the way colours, shadows, and textures are rendered in the photograph. Achieving perfect lighting involves finding the right balance of light and shadow to create a visually appealing and well-exposed image. Among the various lighting sources available, natural light stands out as the ideal choice for obtaining optimal results. It creates a soft, diffused illumination that brings out the true colours, textures, and details of the object.
  2. Audio: Audio is of utmost importance in videos as it can evoke emotions, set the tone, and emphasise the message of the video. But only adding the audio is not going to help you, synchronisation, clear and well-managed audio is vital to avoid any collapse or distortion that might distract or turn off the audience. Syncing the audio with the video is essential especially for videos with dialogue, to maintain a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience. Furthermore, leveraging trending songs on social media can be an effective way to attract more viewers and increase the chances of your content becoming viral.
  3. Duration of the reel: The duration of a reel is essential because it directly impacts viewer engagement and attention. In today’s fast-paced digital world, people have limited time and a short attention span. Keeping the reel concise and brief, ideally between 20 to 30 seconds, ensures that it can quickly capture the viewer’s interest and retain their attention until the end. Longer reels, such as 2-3 minutes, risk losing the viewer’s interest, leading to lower engagement and reduced chances of the content being shared or going viral.  However, if the content is educational and requires elaboration, it’s acceptable to take more time to deliver the message effectively. 
  4. Frame: Framing is a major aspect of photography, as it directly impacts how a subject and its background are presented in the final image so neglecting either can result in an unbalanced or unappealing image. By positioning the subject carefully within the frame, photographers can ensure that it stands out and becomes the focal point of the image. While photography, one must keep in mind that a distracting or cluttered background can take attention away from the subject, making the image less impactful whereas a well-thought-out background can complement the subject and add depth to the photograph. After placing the subject to its perfect position, make your shooting equipment stable to avoid shaky results and for the best quality. Additionally,the distance and angle from which the photograph is taken also play a role in determining the perspective and depth of the image.
  5. Content: The content of a reel, encompassing quotes or messages conveyed through the video, holds paramount importance for several reasons. First and foremost, it acts as the foundation upon which the entire reel is built, determining its purpose and direction. Moreover, meaningful content has the ability to communicate messages effectively, be it a thought-provoking quote, a captivating story, or a clear call-to-action, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.  In essence, the content is the soul of a reel, enriching the visuals and amplifying their significance, ultimately defining its success and impact.
  6. Caption and Hashtags: A compelling caption and relevant hashtags are paramount when posting a reel on social media. First, a well-crafted caption complements the video, adding an extra layer of context or emotion. While short and concise captions can provide essential information or a thought-provoking message that enhances the viewer’s understanding and enjoyment of the content. As for hashtags, they play a significant role in increasing the reach and discoverability of your reel. By using relevant and specific hashtags, you can target your content to the right audience who may be interested in similar content. It helps your reel appear in searches and on the explore pages, expanding your potential audience beyond your followers. Eschew using misleading or irrelevant hashtags can lead to a negative impact, as they might attract the wrong audience who will likely be disappointed with the content. 


The students left the workshop with a profound understanding of reel making, equipped with the knowledge and inspiration to create impactful and captivating content. Hope you will also leave this website with some knowledge of creating reels. See you soon in the next article very soon with bundles of knowledge.

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